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I Help Organizations
Solve Their
eDiscovery Challenges


Eric Pender is an expert in eDiscovery and Legal Analytics, and advises organizations on how to solve complex data review and analysis challenges.

As a Senior Director of Review Intelligence at Lighthouse, Eric specializes in eDiscovery and information governance across highly regulated industries, including finance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. He is a seasoned leader in data discovery, risk management, and predictive modeling, known for his ability to marshal resources effectively and oversee complex, multi-jurisdictional projects, with budgets exceeding $25 million annually.

Eric is recognized for leading high-impact projects that leverage Lighthouse’s expertise in linguistics and information retrieval. He regularly leads projects for clients to reduce review populations to a manageable size using effective keyword strategies, predictive modeling, and swift and cost-effective retrieval processes that combine technology and linguistic expertise.

He has assisted heavily regulated organizations such as medical services providers in using predictive modeling to meet their data retention obligations, thereby identifying data safe for disposal. His experience also includes standardizing best practices for eDiscovery via corporate playbooks and aiding the inception of in-house eDiscovery teams.

Eric has spoken at Lighthouse Academy during Legal Week 2023 and at Lighthouse's premier thought leadership conference, Illuminations Summit, in 2022. His speaking engagements have shed light on utilizing AI technologies for corporate compliance, the interplay between intelligence amplification and artificial intelligence in decision-making for corporate legal teams, and optimizing technology from data collection to production.

Eric is an innovative leader at the intersection of law and technology, adept at helping clients navigate through large and highly complex matters. He collaborates with clients to select the “right tools in the toolkit” to empower clients with cost-effective and results-oriented solutions.

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